bourgeois philosophy

Exploring the Connection between Academic Philosophy and Imperialism


Bourgeois Philosophy is a place to get a perspective on news and information about western academic philosophy from the point of view of people who don’t benefit from bourgeois liberalism. It’s the brainchild of me, @MexPhilosopher, a philosopher of mathematics and logic, and a third world sojourner working out of Los Angeles. I am the person who maintains the site.

Comments are welcome –Check the comment policy here.

Contributing to the site –email me philosophy news or content that you think is interesting and bears commenting on in the style of the site. Because of careerism, retribution by powerful people and unethical hiring practices in academia, I default to posting shared news and content confidentially.  If you want to be credited openly, please let me know.

Guest Posts and Links

Guest posts are also welcome. Nothing will be posted without explicit endorsement and or criticism (the two aren’t mutually exclusive). So there’s no worry here about trying to dissociate myself from content by saying “I don’t endorse what I publish” in the typical way of bourgeois blogs putting up thought pieces.  The same goes for links to other sites – I will always provide endorsement and or criticism.

Philosophy for prisoners and undocumented immigrants: If you want to contribute financially or with time and effort to a books-for-prisoners program or a program for philosophy education for undocumented immigrants email me for information and next steps.

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